Diva's Reads

The list depicts my favorite books over the past couple of years. In no particular order....

Author: Claire Sulmers

Why I Love It: claire opens up about her trials and tribulations as a black women making waves in the fashion industry. From love, work and life, she tells it all and motivates you along the way,

Author: Sue Monk Kidd

Why I Love It: I admit, I often read books after I see the movie. It is not intentional, I just can't keep up with releases most times. This is a beautiful story of a young girl searching for truth and finding a home in the most unexpected place. Set during a time when racial tensions were high, love, strength, and faith prevails. 

Author: Cheryl Strayed

Why I Love It: When I first purchased the book, I couldn't get into it. Now I think it was because I never been in a situation when I felt isolated and needed to search for myself again. It wasn't until I lost my first job out of college and a dear family member within a month of each other that I understood the main character's point of view and her search for happiness and healing.

Author: N.K. Jeminsin

The Inheritance Trilogy:
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
The Broken Kingdoms
The Kingdoms of Gods (I have yet to read)
Why I Love Them: Mortals, gods, half bloods, deceit, and family drama like you've never read before.

The Beautiful Series (10 Book Series) by  Christina Lauren
Authors: Christina Lauren

Beautiful Series (10 Books!):
Beautiful Bastard*Beautiful Stranger*Beautiful Bitch*Beautiful Bombshell*Beautiful Player*Beautiful Beginning*Beautiful Beloved*Beautiful Secret*Beautiful Boss*Beautiful
Why I Love Them: Sexy, snarky, and humorous. If you liked 50 Shades, then I recommend this series.

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