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The lifestyle and culture site you now know as Diva Chronicles explores fashion, beauty, tech, women's issues, health and wellness through the eyes of the modern, contemporary woman.

Diva Chronicles was born in the college dorm room of its founder, Joslyn Richards, in 2009. She was a stressed out biology major who needed a creative outlet.

 "I loved science, learning about other cultures, stayed up to date with current events, beauty and fashion, but always thought I had to choose. The elders I respected gave me the impression that I had to choose. I had to have one career path, one passion, one goal. Anything more and you were cast off as unfocused and lost. It took a while to allow my voice to fully live here in this space I built. It takes strength to lay down your truth and walk away allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of everyone. I created Diva Chronicles to show that all women don't follow the traditions handed to them and creating new ones is okay. It's okay to not have all the answers and ask a million questions. Or to be so sure of what you know and not back down.  It is okay for a woman to stand in her truths and her flaws and not be ashamed of neither."

-Joslyn Richards, Founder,  On why she started her digital platform

Since the site inception, Joslyn has partnered with several brands and companies such as Modani Modern FurnitureFanatics, Vava VoomMs. Stugie's Cookie Shoppe and more! She was even published on XO Necole shortly after its digital debut. Women aren't one dimensional, therefore various topics are covered from makeup for beginners to holistic remedies. Diva Chronicles tries it's best to explore the whole women and tell her story.

Statement of Disclosure
All content on Diva Chronicles is written and edited by Joslyn Richards unless otherwise noted.

Sponsorship Disclosure
Occasionally, Diva Chronicles will be compensated monetarily, through affiliate links,  and/or free services for blog posts and or videos. These posts will have a disclosure statement. Partners of the blog are aligned with its message, thus, all sponsorship proposals are carefully reviewed and some may not be accepted. All views and opinions are that of Joslyn Richards.

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Diva Chronicles respects the privacy of all its readers and does not sell contact information to third parties or mailing lists.

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