The Latest in Tech News: How One Thing You Need to Know to Grow the Audience You Want via The Ladders

If you have any type of platform or business, you know how important it is to get your message out to the masses. One of the most popular (and free) mediums to do that is via social media. While you can "boost" posts or pay for sponsored content, the majority use it for free. Though times are quickly changing and everyone is complaining about algorithms. Before you get too technical and fork over cash, there is still a way to gain a steady following: be yourself and provide value. I know that many people who are in the business of branded content may not agree, but this article over at The Ladders tells breaks it all down. 

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Want go for the win? Want to truly start building an authentic community that you can interact and grow with, and that can lead to an abundance of great opportunities? Be yourself and give away every ounce of value that you can give without any expectation of anything in return. Do that and you will be on your way to growing and retaining the exact audience that you want.
Social media today teaches us to “sell” others on things that we don’t even believe ourselves. Which leads some to craft personas and images of themselves that are the farthest thing from authentic. And yet, the living of the lie continues as they are passed off to others as if they’re the representation of that person’s true self.

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