Diva's Life: Weekend in Photos

Hey There Divas and Gents,

I'm coming to you with a Diva's Life post. If you've noticed, I scaled back on the personal posts as I decide on the direction of Diva Chronicles. I want it to be more of a site where you get the latest in fashion, tech, beauty, and culture. However, I spent the weekend with my childhood friends and family and had to share. As we get busier, it takes more work to nurture relationships, even with those you have known for years or are connected to by blood. Here is what I did this weekend in photos.

It's rare when the crew can get together and do lunch. With little ones in tow, we caught up on a dreary rainy day. There were plenty of laughs (and even some tears) involved. It's great sitting down and relaxing and catching up with girlfriends. Also, get you a group of friends who support you. This wasn't my plate, but my best didn't complain as I snapped a shot for the 'Gram and you guys!

For years, my family got together and went to the fair. Then, as we got older, the group got smaller and smaller. We picked back up on the tradition recently, and it was fun to reminisce with my cousins how we were at the fair when we were young. Now, we're running behind the little ones and our parents are relaxing and snapping memories. Time flies. 

I now go to the fair to satiate my cravings. Three things that are always on my list: Cullers French Fries (BEST vinegar fries!), freshly squeezed lemonade (I know I can have this anytime, but it's something special about this lemonade.), and a funnel cake to go! We like to get out funnels cakes hot on the way home to indulge in when we get back and kick our feet up.

That's how my weekend went, stay tuned for more posts coming this week!


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