The Latest in Fashion News: Fashion Blogger Community Mourns the Loss of Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Yesterday, September 9, 2018, Kyrzayda's cousin, Maria, released a statement on her Instagram that she had passed away as a result of battling Stage 4 stomach cancer. She was diagnosed last year. Kyrzayda had been very transparent about her experience with cancer and her treatments. She shared her good days and bad. She even documented when she finally had come to terms with during her hair. While many did not know her personally, she was an inspiration. We rooted for her virtually and many commenting with words of encouragement.

A month to the day before her passing, she announced she was discontinuing her cancer treatments. She revealed no long before that her medical team informed her that the treatments were not working. She chose to live her life as pain free as possible and surround herself with the love of her family and friends. That is a decision that is braved and one we can no doubt respect.

Kyrzayda, you were a true gem to the fashion blogger community.  We have been virtually supporting you through your battles and when we want to complain, we're silenced when we saw how you still mustered the strength to still work and produce content.  You showed us both your good days and bad days and I thank you for being so transparent. You've chosen to live the last of your days treatment and as pain free as possible.  Now, you are truly pain free. Sending prayers and strength to the Rodriguez family.

Rest well.....

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