Diva's Life: My Top 5 Fall Goals

It has been a while since I came from around the veil of fashion, news, and culture and chatted with you all. Since fall officially begins this weekend, I thought I'd share a few of my goals I will be working towards in the new season. So in no particular order, here they are!

1. Purging/Organizing

I am actively cleaning out my closet and having honest conversations with myself on if I really need some items. I have been donating clothes to local clothing closets at schools and other nonprofit entities that give clothes away for free instead of selling them.

2. Diva's Marketplace 

It has been a world wind couple of months with a life changing event in the spring, I have yet to bring myself to discuss in depth here on Diva Chronicles.  I have been diligently working behind the scenes to get the shop back up and running. Stay tuned!

3. Diva Chronicles 

If you've notices, I change the look of Diva Chronicles about once a quarter. I go back and forth over if I should get a team. I guess that's my feeling insecure after seeing all of the big influencers and their team behind their website. However, there are others who have had success going at it solo. I'm still trying to determine which direction I should go, but for now, I'll run things alone.

4. New (Tiny) House

I don't expect to own a tiny house by the end of fall, but have been actively researching them for about a year now. My first home will likely be a tiny one. I am single with no kids, so it would be a perfect starter home. Tint houses aren't the size of closets anymore. Just take a look on Instagram to see what I mean

5. Healthy Lifestyle

I have lost 16 pound since July and am working toward losing another 15 every three months. I can eat healthy, and like to eat healthy, but have been choosing quick and convenient foods over whole foods. Or I haven't been eating regularly. For a while, my biggest meal was lunch and I would be so tired I would go home and head straight to bed skipping dinner. My goal is to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner consistently. When I started this summer, my energy levels increased and the pounds starts to come off! I was walking a few days a week, but fell off my routine. Have to get back active as well.

That does it! What are your goals for the new season? Please share!


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