Diva Talks Culture: Demetria Obliar Slams Critics on Wearing Natural Hair in the Workplace and We Stand with Her

Demetria Obliar is a traffic reported for WFAA-TV based in Texas and has long faced criticism for not hiding her curves on television to taming her hair. She has stood up for herself and for women who look like her. You see, when a black woman is asked to make herself look more professional, either in dress or styling or hair, it is often done so to make them look more like their white counterparts. Which is so many layers of wrong. Demetria posted the above statement on her Instagram, and followed it up with more in the caption. Read it below.

Unfortunately, this isn't just an adult problem. Little black boys and girls are getting targeted, suspended, and even expelled for wearing their NATURAL hair and protective hairstyles to school. Just go back to the girls in South Africa who protested against their school's policies because afros weren't allowed. In the states, a little boy's parents had to enroll him in another school because his locs weren't acceptable. Funny how hairstyles usually worn by those in the African American community are the ones that are prohibited. This hair issue gets even bigger than school systems and corporate America. The U.S. Army just recently updated their dress code to allow dreadlocks, twists, and other similar hairstyles.

 We're not playing victim and making this up folks. This is real life for us. I'm glad Demetria is taking a stand and Diva Chronicles stands with her!

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