Diva's Life: 1 Month Into #DivasLocJourney

Good Morning Diva'sand Gents!

This past Saturday (8/25/18) marked one month into my loc journey! Time flies doesn't it? My hair went through some changes the first month. Keep reading to see how I maintained my hair at home, what I used to moisturize, and more!

Day One

Within my first month, my hair shrunk from the original coils, and after my first wash and retwist, I had about an inch of new growth. Initially, about the first two or three days, the coils at the nape of my neck began to unravel almost completely. This is because 1. I sweat in my head a bit when I'm hot so the moisture made them unravel and 2. The cap I wore would slip up and expose them while I slept. I wore a nylon cap as recommended by my stylist to train my hair the first week and a half. That cap got on my last nerves! I was not used to wearing anything so close to my head, so that was an adjustment. It rubbing against my skin and broke me out, so that was a no go! I had to make a switch. I went back to a satin scarf that worked out better for me and I noticed no change in my locs from the cap to the scarf. The scarf still slipped a but in the night, but any stray locs could be easily pinned down and trained to be in place on my way to work and they stayed for the rest of the day. I moisturized my hair and scalp with Wild Growth Oil or Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. I lean more towards the Africa's Best oil because it was part of my hair routine before and my scalp is used to it. My scalp seemed to react to the Wild Growth Oil by making it more itchy. It's not something I believe I need as my hair grows like weeds anyway.  I maintained this routine until wash and retwist day.

After first wash and retwist.

Speaking of washes, you CAN wash your new locs. Your hair is being trained to loc, so some unravelling is common. If they do, simply retwist in the same direction they were started. Mine were started clockwise and I believe that is the common practice. Please wash your hair. My first wash after install felt soooooo good! I can't wait to go again. What is it about salon hair washes? They're like massages for your head. After seeing how my hair had grown, I switched back to my satin bonnet to wear when I'm lounging or sleeping. It's been working well so far.

After first wash and retwist. Check length by referring to locs on my forehead to the first picture and this one.

I've noticed a texture change with a few of the starter locs. Mainly with the ones at the nape of my neck. The coil formation is almost gone. I think the moisture they've been exposed to helped them link up a bit. They are also not unravelling as much anymore, maybe one or two.

And that's my first month of #DivaLocJourney. If you have some stories you'd like to share, feel free. Tips and trick are also welcome.

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