Diva's Home Decor Guide: 6 Ways to Make Your Decor Look Expensive

Happy Monday Divas and Gents!

We are vastly approaching fall and for many of us, that means autumn revamp! Many people use the turn of the season to do some redecorating around the house. If that sounds like you, here are 6 Ways to Make Your Decor Look Expensive! Check it out, it's easier than you think!

1. Use Metals

Gold never gets old. It has been associated with luxury for centuries. Chrome and bronze finishes have also become popular accents in home design. Many people decorate using the metal they'd usually wear. This is done both unintentionally and intentionally. Go with your preference.

2. Make It Shine

Anything that hits and bounces the light will prompt people to look up and give the crystal chandelier affect.

3.  Jewel Tones

Anything that reminds people of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires will look plush. Jewel tones are classic colors that can be incorporated in every style of decor.

4. Add Textures

Velvets, leather, animal skins (there are plenty of faux options if the real thing goes against your lifestyle), and textured prints can add dimension to a space and not have it appear so flat.

5. Odd Shapes

Gild Studio

If no one can pin point where they seen an item, they'll likely assume it's one of a kind and you payed a pretty penny for it. They're not far off, most uniquely made pieces will cost you, but not all. You can score unique items at thrift shops and discount stores.

6. Classic Shape with a Twist

Choose a classic shape like the wing back chair and update with fun fabrics. That way you get the classic shape with a modern twist!

What guidelines do you follow when decorating your home?

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