Letter from the Editor: Diva Chronicles Will Be Going Through Several Transitions, Please Bare With Us

Happy Monday Divas and Gents!

I just wanted to give you all an update on what to expect from Diva Chronicles in the near and distant future.

Diva Chronicles has gone through several face lifts over the years. My ultimate goal was to grow the platform into a safe hub or magazine, if you will, for women to discuss anything from beauty, health, workplace issues, world events, etc. I have been pretty much running this site solo for almost a decade, and though at times I could benefit from having a team, there are bloggers who run their sites solo and are successful, so it can be done. It took a while for me to find the manner in which I wanted to deliver information under the topics above, and now that I think I found it, I want to make the site more user friendly, both for you the readers, and myself.  

Keep in mind Diva Chronicles will not be your run of the mill cookie cutter site that targets women. As an individual, that isn't who I am, and as a African American woman, that isn't my reality. I feel obligated to deliver raw truths and create a space where we can have tough conversations that will allow people from various backgrounds to educate themselves and grow. 

Executing this according to my vision will take time and trial and error. During this period of growth, I welcome constructive feedback, and tips! I cannot give an estimated timeline on the when this period of transition will be over. I do ask for you patience and continued readership in the process. 

I thank you all, from all corners of the globe, for reading Diva Chronicles all these years. I hope that you will stick around and help me welcome more readers!


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