Diva Talks Culture: The Executive Order is Signed, but I Still Have Questions

Today, President Trump signed the executive order to end the practice of HIS policy of zero tolerance that separated families crossing into the United States. Some of these families came through legal ports of entries and were still detained. What was likely meant to be a deterrent for future Central Americans from crossing into the States has turned into chaos. Scary chaos. Our government has likely orphaned thousands of children by force. The EO is a band-aid. It stops future separations. What are we doing with the more than 2,300 human beings ( I say that because too many people refer to them as anything but) held captive in the land of "freedom?" Here are my questions I have yet to find sources on if the administration has answers for.

Image Credit:CNN

-How are the children being detained going to be handled now? 
-Will they be freed? 
-Does the government know where their parents are? 
-How are they keeping up with everyone detained? -Was it a snatch and separate as it seems or were families documented before being split?
-Are those who were detained for seeking asylum be separated from the rest?
- Do officials even know who these people are and where to find them?
-How are health concerns and disabilities being addressed? 
-Is there medication on hand if needed?
- How are we communication with detainees?
-ARE they being communicated with AT ALL??
-Are Border Patrol officials bilingual?
-If there is no system in place to distinguish between those who were seeking asylum and those who crossed the border illegally, how can we lawfully prosecute anyone??

If you have any reputable resources that can answer any of these questions, please let me contact Diva Chronicles @contactdivachronicles@gmail. 

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