Diva Chronicles TV: #JustGotMyZennis: Zenni Optical First Impressions

This is my first pair of glasses that I've ordered online. Coming from a place of wearing specs since the age of five and going to an eye shop to get fitted they on glasses, ordering prescription eyewear online seemed all the way sketchy. However, more and more retailers have popped up and one that I've never heard bad things about is  Zenni Optical. I have coworkers and family friends who vouched for them and actively wear their Zennis daily. So when it was time to update both my prescription and glasses, I took the plunge.

I was floored at the affordability of the glasses that I had about five frames on my cart! I had to reel myself back in and remind myself to just see how your favorite pair comes out before I get more. I landed on a black vintage inspired cat eye frame and paid extra for the "Diva" engraving on the temples (Because why not? Also, live your brand.), anti-glare lenses, and HI-Index lenses. Due to my strong prescriptions, I usually get lenses that are made so they don't appear as thick when inside the frame. I also appreciated that when I was browsing, Zenni let me know if my sphere and pupillary distance values were compatible with the frame,  if I'll be charged extra or if a custom fit would be needed.

The base price of the frames were $27.99 and with the add-ons plus shipping and taxes came to $76 plus change. Still WAY less than my current frames that rang in at about $250. Full disclosure: they are also Prada frames. Upon checkout, I opted for standard shipping which meant I should receive them in 10-14 days. The website said days, not business days.

Enough rambling, check out the video! Also, please subscribe!

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