Beauty Discussion: Naturalistas Are Cancelling ECO Styler Gel Fearing an Ingredient May Cause Cancer and This Chemist Breaks Sets the Record Straight!

If you use the cult favorite  ECO Styler Gel then you have either seen or read about all the women chucking their huge $5 tubs in the trash. Why? Because of one ingredient: triethanolamine or TEA. Word spread that this ingredient is carcinogenic and people are spooked! I've worked in the cosmetic industry and getting the every day customer not to run from words that sound dangerous and educate them on the chemistry of ingredients can be challenging. Sharmaine of A Chemist's Point of View on YouTube is actively working in the industry and has worked with TEA. She breaks it all down and let's us know if we really need to cancel ECO Styler for good. Check out her video below.

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