The Latest in Fashion News: Polyvore Shuts Down Without Warning

I go to open my Polyvore app as that's where I keep my fashion and home decor sets I post on my Instagram account and sonetimes here, and it was blank! I've been using the fashion community-centered platform for years and thought there was a glitch with my phone. I head to my app store to update or whatever it is I thought needed to be done and couldn't find it. That's when I did some digging. Polyvore had been bought out and shut down without alerting its users by Canandian company SSence. Here is what I was able to find about the aquisition.

Image CreditSSence

Polyvore was acquired by SSense, Montreal-based fashion retail platform, and was immediately redirected to the However, according to a press release from the new owner, users still have time to download all their work before it really disappears. "The Polyvore community will have access to download their content from their respective official profile by visiting by May 10, 2018," explained the release. "The apps will no longer be supported"We’re excited to share our directional collection of the most coveted labels in the world." (Life and Style Magazine

It seems that SSence is trying to use the platform to tap into the luxury e-retailer market. You can already shop on the site. What do you think? Are you feeling the switch?

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