Diva's Life: Diva Chronicles Chapter 30 Birthday Party Recap

April has been a LONG month for me. My mother passed away at the beginning of the month (also the reason for my hiatus) and I did not feel like celebrating my 30th birthday, which was just 16 days after my mother transitioned from her earthly home to her heavenly one. I told my friends this and they reminded me it's still okay to celebrate life and I know how my mom felt about birthdays, she'd want me to celebrate too. However, I didn't have the mental capacity to plan a party on the heels of planning a funeral. So when my friend Jalysia asked what I wanted to do, all I could muster up was "Something low-key like an adult sleep over." I didn't want to go out to a chic lounge, spa, or restaurant. I just wanted to unwind with my girls. She and the rest of my crew took the reigns and planned an entire evening of fun, relaxation, and oh so real conversations with very little input from me besides what flavor cake I wanted. 

The theme of the party was Diva Chronicles Chapter 30. I love that I have friends and fam who support me and this thing I do called blogging. They even made me my own magazine cover! The food runneth over with a smorgasbord of my favorite foods from pizza to sushi and ample bottles of flavored wines. We eached had our own customized robes and goody bags. There was even a chic #blackgirlmagic photo backdrop. We celebrated by noshing on the Diva Chronicles cake shaped like a book and woke up to a delicious mimosa brunch. I could not have planned a better way to celebrate 30, the beginning of the newest decade of my life.

Check out more pictures from the weekend.

Thank you for an awesome time ladies!!!

Love you long time!


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