DC PSA: Diva Chronicles InstaTutorials Are Here!

This past Friday I uploaded the first InstaTutorial on the Diva Chronicles Instagram, and it was a simple step-by-step process on how to tie a turban. I wear the head garment a lot and always get asked how I wear them. I promised myself and you, the readers, I was going to up the ante in regards to content. I was gifted a tripod for my birthday, so I have no excuses lol. The initial response to the video has been awesome, so that let's me know I have to bring it! Check out a sneak peek of the tutorial below. Watch the complete set of video by tapping on the "Insta Tutorials" highlight on the Diva Chronicles Instagram home page.

I already seeI have to work on the positioning of the video. Hopefully, I'll get that ironed out before the next tutorial! 

Thank you all for the support this far.


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