Ted Talk: The Hidden Role Informal Caregivers Play in Health Care by Scott Williams

I am sharing this video because as I am a "carer" as Scott Williams called it. I know I am not alone and know that we are many.  I, along, with my sister and a few other close relatives provide physical and mental support to my mom who has been battling ovarian cancer for five years. Without giving too much of her personal life away, I will tell you that everything in this video is true. To add to it, I am learning that it is not selfish to ensure I am taken care of mentally and physically as well. I am slowly but surely getting back to me because I have truly neglected myself. You may notice the posts are often far and few in between. Just know that between working a full-time education and community-based job, taking care of my finances, and going to doctor's appointments, chemo sessions, and hospital visits for my mom, something has to fall.

So if things are a bit quiet, you now know why. I am thankful to my support system that holds me up when life gets me down.


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