Hair Discussion: Braided, An American Hair Story by Elle Magazine

I came across this documentary by Elle Magazine and immediately had to share. Braids are such an integral part of the black community. For the first eight years of my life, I wore some sort of braided hairstyle until I received my first relaxer. Like many people stated in the film, Sundays were for hair braiding. I remember my mom would braid my hair for the week right before bed because I was a fidgety child and it was easier for her. I would fall asleep getting my hair braided. Braids were an easy and low maintenance hairstyle that allowed you to look presentable for extended periods of time. The conflict comes when braids are looked at us unprofessional, ghetto, and unclean when worn by black people, yet celebrated and copied when those same styles are worn by members of other races. I applaud Elle for taking responsibility in their role of cultural appropriation and educating others.

Video Credit: Elle Magazine

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