Beyonce and Jay-Z Just Announced Their On the Run II Tour and Here's 5 Things You Need to Know!!

1. Be Ready to Buy Tickets on Release Day

Beyonce's concerts ALWAYS sell out. Her joint tour with hubby Jay-Z sold out as well. There's no waiting. I know some people who purchased tickets a few days prior from people unable to attend, but don't count on that.

2. Purchase Together If You're Going Together

Going with friends? If you want to sit together, purchase tickets together.

3. Take Public Transit 

If you can help it. Take the train, bus, trolley, or whatever the popular means if public transportation is in the city where you'll be attending the concert. Your nerves and  wallet will thank you. Traffic WILL be crazy when Bey comes town and parking fees will make you cuss. Avoid all of that. Trust me.

4. Want Merch? Bring Extra Coins.

Like all major events, commenroate items to let everyone know you'v been to the event in person will be for sale. Don't forget to bring extra money if you want a keepsake.

5. Have Fun, It's A Joint Concert!

I attended the last OTR tour and it was BOMB! I'm sure this one will not disappoint. I have to admit, I thought the last joint tour would be more like Beyonce featuring Jay-Z, but I was wrong.  It was Beyonce AND Jay-Z. We really got a two-fer, so know that ticket prices will reflect that.

Pre-sale tickets are available Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

Image Credit: Beyonce's Instagram

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