Diva's Guide to Blogging: Increased Your Traffic by Doing These 10 Things

Once I nagged these 10 things down, my blog's traffic began to rise and is steadily climbing. There was a time when a good day was five pageviews. This was back around 2009 when I started my vlog. It's gone through about 3 name changes since then and I struggled with how to put my interests into written form. I'd admit, I saw all the style bloggers blow up, and while I also consider myself to have great style (that you rarely see), I wanted to talk about more. Especially now with everything that is going on, many of those famed bloggers are silent on issues that definitely need to be discussed in this space. Once I found ny formula, the numbers started to rise and are steadily climbing. My social media numbers are lower because it took me while to cross promote #divachronicles across the biggest social media platforms. When I did, it was already a well oiled machine. However, when you have website, the most important part is driving people back to your site. Even though those numbers aren't where I want them to be, I still have more daily readers than social media followers. That's my goal because the bulk of my content is on www.divachronicles.net.

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