TV: 7 Reasons Why I Intend to Watch grown-ish as a Grown Woman

Yara Shahidi, who plays Zoe Johnson on the hit show 'black-ish, will star in the spin-off grown-ish. The show will follow her as she quickly discovers she is a fish out of water and no one really cares you were the it-girl in high school. I fully intend to tune in to watch tonight's premiere episode and here are 7 reasons why.

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1. The Wake-Up Call

I support the on-campus college experience. I always tell teenagers preparing for college to go off to school ig they have the opportunity. You learn so much about yourself because you have to become self-reliant and fast!

2. Some of Your Best Friendships Begin in College

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I still have  great relationships with my childhood best friends, but I have formed close relationships with my college girlfriends as well. We partied together, supported each other, went on many a road trip, and held each other accountable.

3. The Life Lessons

You meet so many people from different socio-economic and religious background that it really opens your eyes that everyone's world is not the same.

4. The Social Scene

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From the parties, student union hangouts, to dorm kick-backs, college can easily be one of the best social years in a young adult's life. Spades or spoons anyone?

5. The Professors

I have great relationships with a few of my college professors even to this day. Some will go on to become great mentors and others will have you seething during lectures. Racism, sexism, misogyny, sexual assault are not lost on professors either.

6. The Nostalgia

Just from watching the previews, I spotted so many moments I also lived through in my own college experience. From the "You Up" texts (both sent and received), oversleeping for class and throwing on sweats and jetting it across campus, and the freshman 15.

7. Supporting Young Actors and Actresses of Color

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Much like the 'black-ish cast, the grown-ish cast is filled with mostly people of color. We all heard how veteran actors and actresses in Hollywood state how tinsel town still has a diversity issue (among other things). I love that a show geared towards young adults has African American and Latinx young people front and center. 

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Catch it tonight!

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