News & Current Events: Young Immigrants Dispel Myths About DACA

It's all over the news. DACA is a regular topic of discussion on most local and major news programs. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), allows people who entered the country as undocumented minors, to receive a two-year renewable deportation deferment. The Dreamers, as they are called, are also eligible for work permits. Their future is uncertain as the Dream Act of 2012, enacted under the Obama administration was rescinded in 2017 Trump's administration. Take a look at the video and learn what does and does not fall under the Dream Act.

A few myths busted from watching the video:

1. Everyone isn't Mexican.
2. Citizenship is not guaranteed, as a matter of fact, they are in limbo.
3. They work and go to school.
4. They want a chance at a productive life just like everyone else.

For more information about DACA, click here

Video Credit: Teen Vogue

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