Diva's Life: Questions to My Current Self

I often see posts asking people what would they tell their younger self, but very little detail on how people are communicating with their current self.  One person that often showcases her personal conversations or self-reflections is Myleik Teele. As I draw closer and closer to 30, a fictional milestone for women that has been so heavily planted on our psyche from the time we were young, I am constantly asking myself about my goals versus my reality. We often want for so much, but are our wants what we need? Here are just a few questions I ask myself. Most of which I am still searching for answers.

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I can have it all. Am I okay with not having it all at once?

Am I married to the idea or is this my purpose?

Am I okay with how I envisioned my life versus my reality?

Am I really ready to make that shit?

Am I forcing something that shouldn't be or working hard at something that doesn't come easy?

What if my support circle aren't those I want or expect to support me. Am I'm okay with that? How will this change our relationship?

Am I here because I'm am at the beginning of living in my purpose or as a result of trying to walk in a purpose that wasn't mine to begin with?

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