Diva's Life: It's November 1st! Where Has the Year Gone?! + Other Updates

The end of Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving. This year has flown by hasn't it? We will be celebrating New Years before you know it. Stay on top of those goals Divas and Gents! Speaking of goals, here is an update on mine:

In personal news, this is my last week at my current job and I'll begin work at a national non profit. I am excited about the new role and challenges they bring. I usually get "the itch" around the one year mark on a job and am ready to move up or on to something more challenging. This new opportunity came right on time!

As far as Diva's Marketplace, most of my challenges this year have come from launching my shop. I felt I have been in "launch mode" forever.  I built a site on my own, was so proud of it, was actually shipping to family and close friends, then had to take it down. I couldn't keep up with the site fees so early into the launch. Sales weren't covering all the costs. I was so upset and disappointed in myself. I actually had a mini breakdown. How was I failing before I even got started good? Those were the thoughts that were running though my mind. However, my best friend and business owner, talked me back into reality and reminded me I could always use a free site then switch when revenue is more consistent. The perfectionist in me was so attached to what I created, I didn't like the idea of going back to plain and simple because I felt it didn't match my brand. However,  I had other options, so I backed up my site and moved it. This is just one of the MANY obstacles I'm sure I'll encounter on this journey.  I found a potential new vendor for the Budda Love lip balm that has jars that match the Budda Love body butter jars exactly! I ordered samples and hopefully I'll be able to use them! Stay tuned! In the meantime, follow Diva's Marketplace on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

In blog news, I've been attempting to do more outfit posts both on the site and Instagram. I have a camera, but I see a tripod in my future. The collaborations have been coming in slowly but surely. Check out my latest post in collaboration with Maple Holistics here. My schedule will be more consistent in the (very) near future, so look for your timelines to be flooded with updates!

That's all for now Diva's and Gents. Oh like the new names for you all? I always called the ladies "Divas" but struggled with what to call male readers. I think "Gent", short for gentlemen, compliments Diva nicely don't you think? Giving readers names makes communication more personable, in my opinion. Anywho, enough rambling. See you in the next post!


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