The Latest in Beauty News: Maybelline Color Correting Pens

We all want that flawless skin look, but who wants to use a cabinet full of products to camouflage? Well, Maybelline has got us covered!

Behold Maybelline's new Master Camo color correcting pens. They come in six colors: green, purple, pink, yellow, apricot, and red. Keep reading to see how you use each color in your beautu routine.

  • Green neutralizes redness (blemishes, acne, scars)
  • Purple neutralizes yellow (sallowness)
  • Pink and yellow brightens dullness (dark spots, age spots)
  • Apricot and red neutralize blues and greens (dark under-eye circles)

Get them wherever Maybelline products are sold.

Credit: People Magazine

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