Diva's Life: Putting Forth the Effort

Happy Friday Divas and Gents!

Yesterday, I posted to Instagram how the word "effort " has been on my mind all week. I think it served as a reminder that I needed to put more effort into every aspect of my life. For the most part, we put our all into becoming the best employee, but when was the last time you spent time with your grandparents, or called them? I've been guilty of letting a few days turn into a few weeks, then before I knew it, a month has gone by and I haven't even so much has called friends or family to check in on them.  I gave my myself excuses like "it's too early," "it's too late," or "I just want to rest." Effort takes enery, committment, and consistency. 

 None of which I've been putting into my other ventures, such as Diva's Marketplace. Does that ring a bell? That's my shop I've been launching all year, but have yet to launch publicly.  I am financing it myself, so it came to a standstill. However, I haven't put any effort into finding the funding or help because I was "too exhausted " from my day job. Diva's Marketplace is my ultimate dream day job, so why am I not working harder to get it off the ground again? 

My weight is another area where I can put forth more effort. I got the diet down, but finding time to exercise like I should  is another. I've been invited to join gyms and even a local workout group. That 4:30 am start time though? Ehh. I going to start small and branch out. Hold me to it.

Read my caption from Instagram here:

"The word "effort " has been flashing through my mind the past week. I think it serves as a reminder to put forth effort into every aspect of my life. From my spiritual and familial relationships, work life, my business, etc. I must do the work and put in effort into being the best person I can be and living my best life with those closest to me."


Enjoy your weekends Divas ans Gents!

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