Diva's Life, Diva Talks Culture: Taking Time to Be Quiet, Be Right Back....

A LOT has been going on in the real world outside of Diva Chronicles. From Charlottesville, confederate statue removals across the south, and the disatrous flooding in Louisiana and Texas. It makes talking about beauty and fashion a little trivial, at least it does for me at the moment.  To be honest, there is so much talking, that I, I'm sure you guys too, have been inundated with the amount of chatter being thrust our way. It's not coming from the news anymore. Social media can be so loud that it's deafening to my ears. I don't want to add to the noise. I want to sit and be quiet and figure out ways I can directly help my fellow Americans. There is too much heaviness in our world right now, masking it with the light and cheery will make us feel good in the moment, but if we ignore it, the heavy will still be there. We have to do something. So excuse me, while I go quietly work. 

Be right back,


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