Beauty Myth Monday: See It to Believe It: Dark Skin + Bold Lips

The holiday weekend is over and we're getting back to reality. Kicking off Hump Day with a Beauty Myth Monday, because today is Monday for most of us right? Get into  the post below.

Recently, I was scrolling through one of my social mesia platforms and came across a beauty blogger who had just received her MAC Vault promo package. If you follow anyone in the beauty community with a larger following, then you know pretty much everyone has been getting this box of goodies from MAC. She proceeded to swatch and say what she did or didn't have in her collection. She then proceeded to say the have lipsticks for deeper complexions too and showed all the browns, bronzes and deep, deep, reds. You know, the old school lip colors for women with dark skin? The lipsticks she chose would look great, but what about the bold pinks, oranges, and berries? She neglected those. This vlogger is also fair skinned, but she was also a makeup artist at one point.  I would think she wouldn't relegate women with deeper complexions to just brown and bronze.  That seems a bit out of touch in my opinion.

As a dark skinned woman who is unafraid of color, and has come across women who want to try out bold lips,  but have been told to stick with the 90's browns and reds, this lip color inspiration is for you.

Beauty Vlogger @fumidesaluvold , wearing a coral lip.

Beauty vlogger @godleydestiny wearing Milani's Sweet Nectar, an orange lipstick (top), and a mauve color (bottom).

The Mane Choice CEO, @courtneyadeleye, wearing a bold fushia lipstick.

Beauty vlogger @sudanidoll in a vibrant glossy red.

More Inspiration From Around the 'Net

Now go forth and be bold with your makeup! Don't feel like your skin complexion is a limitation. It makes the makeup you wear look better!

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