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Friday, July 21, 2017

Diva Talks Culture: Procter & Gamble's 'Talk About Bias' Ad is Right On Time

My Black Is Beautilful, which falls under Procter and Gamble, recently released a video entitled Talk About Bias. What may seem like average African American parents and their kids going about their day to day lives, is much more. The messages the parents are giving to their kids who just want to drive, go to band practice, etc. are reminiscent of "The Talks" AA parents have to have with their kids all over the country and likely across borders and the pond as  well. The fact that two of the children were young enough to be in elementary school yet have to receive a lecture so heavy is accurate, yet troubling that is has to happen so young.

So what is "The Talk" you ask? It is a conversation that parents, aunts, uncles, church leaders and so on have with African American youth to basically let them know racism is ALIVE AND WELL in this country (despite what the media wants you to think) and it is inevitable that they will become a target in some form. They will be called a n****r, they will be followed around clothing stores because people will automatically assume they are about to steal (no matter what they're wearing), little girls will be told "you're pretty for a black girl" as if they are the exception and black isn't beautful,  and young black men will be asked for i.d. when walking down the streets of their own neighborhoods. I.Could.Go.On.For.Days!

Then you may say (if you are not black) that "Well if they didn't look like they were about to steal" or "Don't do anything to cause a cop to stop you," then you missed the entire point. All of this is a result of skin tone: being black. It's not an easy conversation to have,  many avoid it as if it wil go away (it won't), but the black community doesn't have the luxury to ignore. We have to always be aware and alert. 

We see the stares, we see you grab your purse a little tighter in our peripheral, we know you follwed us from the shoe to the dress department, or from aisle 5 to aisle 13, and that you put your money on the counter instead of in our hands to avoid touching us. These are not isolated incidents. This is our everyday life. Did you catch that? This is our everyday life. This is our everyday life. One more time, this is our everyday life. 

The Talk is all about telling black kids that more of this behavior will likely come and this will be your life. No exceptions. Parents have to tell their children that they basically can't protect them from it, but how to deal with it (and it is not easy). I am so grateful that Procter and Gamble and My Black is Beautiful are shining a light on this issue so that one day this conversation will no longer become a life changing necessity.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Diva's Wish List: Chic Loafers and Mules by Steve Madden

Per usual, I was online window shopping. Before I knew it, I was in a screenshotting frenzy! I came across so many loafers and mules by Steve Madden via DSW, and I kept saying " These are so me!" I have always loved loafers, but they can get auntie and grandma-ish real quick. Same with mules. I love that they are being revamped in different fabrics with ebellishments like bows and studs

Window shop at your own risk at DSW.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Event Recap: Ms. Stugie's Cookie Shoppe One Year Anniversary

We've all pretty much heard the saying: "Most businesses fail within their first year" in some variation. Running a business is hard work, and there were establishments that have shuttered their doors in the past 365 days when Ms. Stugie's Cookie Shoppe launched last year. One of the businesses featured in my Small Business Spotlight series is still moving full speed ahead a year later. Jessica Wells, the owner, was celebrating with a stand at a local market called The Market on the River in Augusta, GA and even concocted a  delicious Stugie Turns 1 birthday cookie to celebrate the occasion. Keep read for more!

The owner, Jessica Wells.

Ms. Stugie's Cookies offered an assortment of cookies including their Lemon Princess, Strawberry Milkshake, Suga Mama (my fave), and Monstaah cookies. Gluten free options were also available.

It takes a village: Jessica's sister Sydney and brother Spencer were on hand to help sell those cookies!

C'est moi! I tried to stay cool in the sweltering heat despite the fact I took this photo at around 10 a.m. I failed. If follow me on Snapchat (@divachronicles), you know I was melting, but it was all worth it to support a friend. Here's a quick run down of my outfit:

Dress: Cato Fashions
Sandals: Old Navy, Similar here
Neon Pink Tote: Gifted. Similar here, and here

Be sure to check out Ms. Stugie's Cookie Shoppe and order a dozen or few and tell 'em I sent ya! Shipping is also available.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Beauty Myth Monday: See It to Believe It: Dark Skin + Bold Lips

The holiday weekend is over and we're getting back to reality. Kicking off Hump Day with a Beauty Myth Monday, because today is Monday for most of us right? Get into  the post below.

Recently, I was scrolling through one of my social mesia platforms and came across a beauty blogger who had just received her MAC Vault promo package. If you follow anyone in the beauty community with a larger following, then you know pretty much everyone has been getting this box of goodies from MAC. She proceeded to swatch and say what she did or didn't have in her collection. She then proceeded to say the have lipsticks for deeper complexions too and showed all the browns, bronzes and deep, deep, reds. You know, the old school lip colors for women with dark skin. The lipsticks she chose would look great, but what about the bold pinks, oranges, and berries? She neglected those. This vlogger is also fair skinned, but she was also a makeup artist at one point.  I would think she wouldn't relegate women with deeper complexions to just brown and bronze.  That seems a bit out of touch in my opinion.

As a dark skinned woman who is unafraid of color, and has come across women who want to try out bold lips,  but have been told to stick with the 90's browns and reds, this lip color inspiration is for you.

Beauty Vlogger @fumidesaluvold , wearing a coral lip.

Beauty vlogger @godleydestiny wearing Milani's Sweet Nectar, an orange lipstick (top), and a mauve color (bottom).

The Mane Choice CEO, @courtneyadeleye, wearing a bold fushia lipstick.

Beauty vlogger @sudanidoll in a vibrant glossy red.

More Inspiration From Around the 'Net

Now go forth and be bold with your makeup! Don't feel like your skin complexion is a limitation. It makes the makeup you wear look better!


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