Diva's Life: What I've Been Doing, Reading, Wearing, Etc in the Past Month

What I've Been Doing

I soft launched Diva's Marketplace to family and friends and have been getting feedback. I've been selling products yall! I hit the ground running with trials and errors and have to keep reminding myself I'll learn throughout the journey. It was exciting to send off my first packages! A few more things to finalize such as labels and a few web design details, then the site opens to the public!

What I've Been Reading

I grew up a bookworm, but fell off in college when Organic Chemistry and Anatomy took over my life. I'm back on it and try to read at least one boom a month. I bought Tia Williams' book a few months back and finished it a few weeks ago. If you love saucy romance novels and fashion, this one is perfect. 

I discovered N.K. Jemisin two years ago. I'm currently on the last book in her Inheritance Trilogy and can't wait to read more of her work. If you like Sci-Fi, I highly suggest you check out her work. 

Psst: For all my brown girls, she's a black author, which is rare in science fiction.

What I've Been Wearing

Skirts and dresses becaise pants and weight loss don't mix.

That's it for my little update. Blog posts may be like this in the future: batch posting in one entry. Let me know if you dig this format



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