Diva's Guide to Blogging: The Power of Hashtags in 3 Quick Tips!

Social media has become a great (FREE) tool for self promotion. While there is now an option for sponsored posts for as little as five bucks (I've tried it), you can still get the word out for free using hashtags. Hashtags are a way to tag your content and categorize it into a larger pool of similar posts. Therefore, when someone wants to search, for example, "fashion news", all posts with that assigned hashtag will pop up.

I will admit, when I first started using Instagram and Twitter, I did not use many hashtags if at all. My growth was stagnant. While My follower numbers are nowhere near huge in comparison to my peers, I gain a few followers a day and my engagement has increased. However, I did create a set of rules for myself when I use hashtags. If used aimlessly, you're just wasting your time. Here are three quick tips for using hashtags.

1.  Don't Flood Your Instagram Posts with Hashtags

It sounds contradictory to this entire post, but let me explain. Very few people will be able to get through your novel length posts if they are filled with hashtags (and emojis). Use two or three along with your description. Then, in a comment,  fill it with all the phrases related to your product.

2. Brand Yourself

Use the same hashtags for posts that would be in line with your blog's or platform's brand. For example, I have posts entitled "Diva Cover Stories" , "The Latest in Fashion News", and "Beauty Discussion" , therefore I have identical hashtags. This leads online content back to my platform or floods a common tag with my content. The key is to bring the reader back to you.

3. Pick Hashtags with the Highest Numbers

Usually when you go to enter  #(insert content), a list will populate with similar wording. More than likely the first one is the most popular, go with that one. While that hashtag pool is big, which is a downside, but more eyes get to your content, which is an upside.

Have you been using hashtags in this manner? Have you gained more readers and followers? Let me know  in the comments or on social @divachronicles.

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