Fashion Discussion, Diva's Fashion Guide: These 3 Indie Brands Are Redefining the Definition of "Nude" for Women of Color

I googled "nude shoes" and pulled up hundreds of photos similar to the one below. That is because for years,"nude" was one color. However, as a  woman of color who has a deep complexion, these shoes aren't nude, they're beige. Literally, for generations, women of color have been relegated to wear beige shoes, hosiery, and undergarments when they wanted something more flesh toned. IIt wasn't until recently that the need has begun to be filled and the industry called out on its lack of diversity when it comes to nude. Check out my quick run down of indie brands redefining what nude means.

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1. Nubian Skin

One of the first to hit the scene and openly point out that "nude" is subjective and mainly omits women of color in this category. With four shades to choose from with catchy names like Berry and Café au Lait, Nubian Skin has been popular every since their debut. The London-based company has since expanded to hosiery, lingerie, and shoes.

2. Nude Soles

With four shades of "nude",  Nude Soles offers shoe staples in Fawn (the lightest), Fox, Cocoa, and Expresso (the lightest). They even offer pumps in two different heights, ballerina flats, and single strap sandals in the same shades.

3. Audrey Olivia

What has to be the first nude intimates line carried by Wal Mart, Audrey Olivia has bras and undies in several shades of tan and brown.

Any more brands that should have made the list? Let me know on social media!

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