Beauty Myth Monday: Making a DIY Charcoal Mask with Glue is Not Harmful

Because it is! All DIY's are not made equal. You may have seen several videos floating around where women are mixing Elmer's glue and charcoal to make an at-home mask. Hopefully, after watching their painful experience, you won't want to try it. Many think it works because their skin is smooth when all they've done is remove the small hairs from their face (in addition to the blackheads).  However, if you're still thinking about it or have tried it, let me tell you why this DIY is definitely a no-go.

According to the Safety Data Sheet Elmer's site, if applied to skin, " ...wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. Get medical attention if irritation develops." 

If finances are an issue, I feel you girl. Here are some charcoal masks at different price points.

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If DIYing is your thing and you just want to mix something up, you can get some activated charcoal powder and mix it with another clay mask to get your desired results. Here is a highly rated one here:

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Do not put glue on your face.

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