Beauty Myth Monday: "I'm too Dark for That"

Quick story. My day job is in retail. While I was assisting a customer with options to wear with a pair of pants she recently had purchased, I mentioned the color orange and she shook her head and said: "No, I'm too dark for that." She was a dark skinned black woman who believed she was too dark to wear vibrant colors. If it is your preference no to, that is one thing, but to believe you cannot because of your complexion is problematic. I tried to convince her she would look beautiful in orange and any other bright color, but it was obvious she had internalized the belief that her complexion limited her to what colors she used to express herself through her clothing, so I dropped the conversation. Well, I dropped the topic with her, but not with you all.

Colorism is the African American community has long caused angst and division amongst its members. This woman's belief she cannot wear orange because she is "too dark" speaks to a larger issue that women of deeper complexions have been made to feel less beautiful than lighter skinned women. I beg of you, both men and women, as I have heard this comment in various forms come from both, do no internalized this lie. Do not feel as if you are only deemed beautiful if you stay within the rules of your complexion. Your confidence and self-love are what makes you beautiful, clothing merely enhances that.

To the woman who thought she couldn't wear orange, I hope one day you'll feel beautiful in any color. This is an ode to you.

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