Diva's Life: My Strange Addiction, Well Kinda...

They say when you're craving something, it's your body telling you you're deficient in key vitamins and minerals. Always wanting a steak, how's your iron? Want shaved ice? What are your hemoglobin levels?  Well I've been craving......fried okra and chicken livers. That's it. Y'all, several times a week, sometimes days in a row. My local soul food spot has been getting all my coins. Even today, as I slid through to get my okra to snack on (I was really hungry this time, no cravings, but why change the routine?) And they gave me my drink on the house. I'm officially a regular! LOL.

The nerd in me looked up what is in this okra and chicken livers I so crave and the results made me feel like I wasn't living my life right. Check it out below.


Chicken Livers

Now I know eating this much fried food is not good. I'm calling thisa phase. I probably won't touch neither of the two food for years after this. But right now, I'm going IN!

I know this post is random, but life is random sometimes.  Just wanted to give you all a light read for your Friday evenings.
P.S. My weight has not been affected by my new diet changed. I checked. 

P.P.S. Don't leave me hanging. What are some foods that you are/were hooked on?

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