Diva's Life: What's Been Going On with Me Lately

Hey DC Fam!

Are you resting comfortably on this beautiful Sunday? I sure hope so.Things have been pretty quiet on here and well as my social media as of late. I mentioned before that the plague tried to take me out. I still have some congestion and a weak cough I can't seem to shake.  That may be due to me discontinuing my OTC meds I was taking because I didn't want to take them anyway. I'm at the stage now where a hot lemon tea with a dash of pepper can knock things right on out.

I posted a weight loss update about a week or so ago on Instagram  (@divachronicles). I never really followed up on it with a post like I planned (Due to the plague that tried to take me down. I have lupus, so when I get sick, I get SICK! No 24-48 hour recoveries over here, more like 7-14!) I basically shed the pounds by eating whole foods and choosing healthy snacks. I eased off on the eating out and practically eliminated fast food. Now, I'm 20 lbs lighter. My goal is to lose 10 more by my birthday, April 19. However, I've reached a plateau, and my weight has been the same for a few weeks. It's time to shake things up a bit. The struggles of losing weight are real. Not only do you have to stay disciplined and continue to eat right, but your clothes don't fit. I'm already curvy, so my waist was always smaller than my hips. When I began to lose significant weight, nothing stayed up. I was too small for my current size, but the size down didn't quuuuiiiiitttteeee fit how it should. My resolution: plenty of tights and dresses. Oh, and your undies are a no-go too! I just had to replenish this weekend. Why does no one talk about that part? There's nothing worse than uncomfortable underwear! My goal is a size 10 (my old size) my Dec 31, 2017. Right now, I can fit a 12 but cannot truly wear a 12 if that makes sense. I'll keep you updated on my journey. A quick look into my eating habits:


Oatmeal or cereal with a small glass of OJ and half a travel mug of coffee as black as I can take it to go. Since I've been sick, I replaced coffee with tea.

Snack bar mid morning


Usually leftovers from dinner the night before or a low calorie dinner with a protein and veggies. Sometimes I'll go to a local soul food drive through spot and order all assorted veggies. 
Bolthouse Smoothie 

Post work snack bar


Home cooked meal whatever that may be, no seconds. 

I really don't buy sweets so I won't eat them (pastries are my weakness). I'd have something small and sweet to eat one or two times a week. Fruit and nuts have become my dessert.

I'm so close to launching my baby, Diva's Marketplace. I've settled on April, my birth month. I've wanted my own little shop every since I was young.  I'm still working out a few kinks. I can tell you this, I will launch one product at a time and add on as I get my routine going. I am making all the products myself unless I carry another business in the shop, but I'll let you know. Because of this, volumes will be on the lower end. Even though it's digital, I want the vibe to be like that little shop in your city where you go to get your unique goodies that you can't find anywhere else. I can't wait! Follow the shop on social:
 IG and FB: @divasmarketplace 
Twitter: @divasmarketplc 

Also, my laptop is on the fritz (I take it to the shop tomorrow), so all of this is coming from my phone. I accidentally deleted an entire paragraph that was supposed to be here, but you know what? I'm ending things here. LOL.

I'm off to make that tea I mentioned and chat it up with my dad.

Peace & Love,


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