Diva's Fashion Guide: 3 Tips for Choosing Statement Jewelry

Spring is upon us and I'm sure your beginning to see all the colorful jewelry hit displays at your local retailers. One type of jewelry that will always be present is statement jewelry. These pieces are bold and/or colorful, and when done right, take an ensemble up a few notches. However, large colorful pieces can be intimidating to those who aren't used to wearing them. I'm here to give you a few tips on how to choose statement jewelry.

1. Choose the Type

Do you naturally gravitate towards necklaces, bracelets or earrings? Choose the jewelry pieces you normally wear as a guide to determine which path you should go down when getting statement pieces

2. Choose a Color Way

Does your closet consist of more neutrals than color? More blues and purples than pinks and oranges? Assess your closet, then determine which color your eye catching piece should be. That way  you can get more wear out of it.

3. Let the Statement Piece So the Talking

Keep other jewelry minimal so all attention can go to your largest piece of jewelry. Once you have mastered how to wear statement items, you can build upon them.

If you need some inspiration, I have an entire board on my Pinterest dedicated to statement jewelry. Check it out here.

Also check out these ladies who know to rock big and bold pieces with ease.

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