Brand Favorites:Black Opal

Hey there DC Fam!

I'm back with another Brand Favorites post. If this is your first time reading a post in this series, it is a series os posts categorized by brand where I dish on my favorite products. You can catch up here. This is to help you in your shopping process if you have never purchased from a company I mentioned. Today's posts is all about Black Opal. They are an OG when it comes to brown girl makeup. They have been around for YEARS (23 to be exact)! Also, I peeped they've revamped their website and their packaging. Check them out my clicking the link at the bottom. Now let's get started!

1. Stick Foundation

-Full Coverage
-Beautiful Finish
-Can Be Used to Contour

2. Invisible Oil Blocking Powder (Pressed and Loose)

-Matte Finish
-Oil Controlling
-Lasts A Long Time

3. Lipsticks &  Glosses

-Long Wearing
-Not Splotchy

4. True Color Flawless Perfecting Concealer

-Medium to Full Coverage
-Matte Finish
- Compact and Portable

As you can pretty much see, I recommended a full face of products from the brand. They just get quality and affordable makeup right. Get your shop on at

There is one product I no longer see on the website, and it is the Deluxe Finishing Powder. I have them in shades 04 and 05. They may have been discontinued, but you may find them where Black Opal products are sold. 


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