Health & Wellness: 3 Quick & Easy Tips to Unwind and Control Your Energy

You guys know it is a lot going on in the world today. It weighs on your emotions and you can find yourself walking around mad, sad, or depressed just by watching or reading the news. This isn't even including your personal life with jobs and loved ones. At some point, we have to shake it all off so it won't destroy us. I'm sharing a few tips on how you can create an atmosphere of calm.

1. Discover Your Method

Whether it is journaling with mellow music, yoga, meditation, long baths, or candles and incense, find what works best to allow you to unwind and control your energy. I often mediate with incense burning and use only the light from candles. Or I will journal to mellow music.

2.  Seclude Yourself

Find an area in or outside your house where there will be no distractions and you feel most comfortable

3. Make it a Habit

Look, the world is cray right now. Just about everyone in power is acting like they were born without sense. Reality can he heavy and tough to deal with. Therefore make a habit of unwinding and centering yourself regularly, because the moment you leave your house, or even while you're home , it can be thrown off.

People introduce crystals and yoni eggs into their mental wellness routine as well to control energy and medidate. I have yet to try these methods, but there are plenty on resources online to guide you.

How do you keep calm and carry on?

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