Diva's Life, Health & Wellness: Using a Copper Bracelet to Treat Joint Pain

The past two weeks I have been doing a lot of running around. Between working, running, errands, and moving  (more on that later), I began to fee achy. As someone who lives with lupus, I have to be constantly aware of the strain I put on my body to avoid an "episode"  or a "flare-up." These terms are commonly used among those in the lupus community where your condition comes out of remission and is active. Every case is different, but my episodes can range from mild to intense pain, fevers, or worse. When I began to notice some oncoming pain I took some over the counter pain meds before bed, but because I have been medication free for over a year, I wanted to try a more holistic approach to combat my aches and pains. Enter the copper bracelet.

The use of copper in the treatment of autoimmune diseases will yield mixed reviews from the medical community. Many researchers and physicians will tell you that there is no solid proof that copper is beneficial is treating medical conditions. However, centuries of using the metal from ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece show that there may be some validity to this practice.  So when my medication wore off by the next morning and I still woke up with pains I knew all too well were the onset of a more intense episode, I went to my local holistic shop and picked up a copper bracelet.

I wore the bracelet for two days and my pain was gone. It seemed as if it worked for me. I haven't had any preliminary aches and stiffness since. I will keep you updated. Have you used copper to treat aches and pain associated with autoimmune diseases or rheumatoid arthritis?

***This is another post that got lost on the cutting room floor, the first line of the post can pretty much tell you how it was forgotten. This summer will make two years that I have been medication free while living with lupus. Since then, I have taken a more holistic approach to my overall health. I am not medication free in other areas, but try to solve my other ailments as best as I can with natural remedies.***

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