Diva's Fashion Guide: How to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Easy Steps

When most fashion experts talk capsule collections, the staple pieces in your closet, they often mention garments in neutral tones. Well everyone doesn't wear neutrals. I am one of them. I colorblock and pattern mix more often than not, yet manage not to look like a dizzying mess. There is a way to turn colored pieces into your basics, this is how.

1. Jewel Tones Over Neons

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Jewel tones, i.e. emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, are bold, yet not bright. They are easily paired with solids and other jewel tones.

2. Carry a Bold Colored Handbag

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Many think only black, tan, grey, or beige can be paired with everything. However, when most of your wardrobe is jewel toned, carrying a deep blue, magenta, or mustard handbag can make your look pop!

3. Step Up Your Staples

Image result for magenta shift dress

Yes, a little black dress is a must, but try the same silhouette in magenta, mustard, deep red, or blue

4. Eye Catching Trousers

Anchor your ensembles with colorful trousers. Pair with a neutral top and shoes for a  added punch.

5. Vibrant Coats

Image result for colorful trench coats

Add finishing touches with a statement coat. Choose a color that is complimentary to most of the vibrant colors in your wardrobe.

Diva's Shopping Tips:

Remember these tips when you are shopping for colors:

1. Pastels with pastels
2. Jewel tones with jewel tones
3. Neons with neons

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