Diva's Life Weekend Recap: Hidden Figures, My Favorite Appetizer, New Nail Polish, & More!

Happy Monday DC Fam!

This past weekend was the first in a couple of months that I had completely free to just relax and do what I wanted. It also happened to be opening weekend for Hidden Figures, and I definitely wasn't going to miss it! Check out what else I did this weekend.


I know I usually post Restaurant Reviews on locally owned establishments, but Longhorn Steakhouse's Wild West Shrimp appetizer is one of my favorites! I love seafood and a little kick added to my dishes. The shrimp is seasoned to perfection and topped with spicy cherry peppers. I washed it down with a white peach sangria which is also a must try.


I was a S.T.E.M. major in college, and this movie made me fall in love with it all over again. Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Mary Jackson  (Janelle Monae), and Dorothy Vaughn  (Octavia Spencer) delivered knock out performances in the movie portraying the women who had a direct hand in NASA'S race to space. What's ironic is I have heard of these women before, but really never knew of the work they've done. They dealt with racism, sexism (women were not allowed in the very meetings where their calculations were discussed), and classism even at NASA! That didn't stop them from becoming West Virginia's State University and NASA's first aeronautical engineer (Mary Jackson), NASA'S first African American supervisor (Dorothy Vaughn), and NASA'S most trusted person with numbers  (Katherine G. Jackson). This is a family movie. Especially take your young girls. This is one I'll pay to see again and will purchase on DVD.


I don't own rainboots per se, just boots that can withstand the rain. I pulled out my Betsey Johnson platform ankle boots for a wet and chilly and night on the town. I scored them at a second time around store called Clothes Mentor. They were in great condition. I wore them for the first time in New Orleans last year for Mardi Gras.

 They're cute, but these boots aren't made for walking.


I forged my usual full set and opted to polish my own nails in an effort to save money and divert that money into Diva's Marketplace. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and had one O.P.I. and Fingerprints polish in my hands when I spotted the Bitzy Nail Color display by the register. I decided to give this bold purple, called Estastic a go. This is how it turned out (See nail preview above)! I'm impressed for the $1.67 price tag. I'll be getting more colors for review.

Have great weeks everyone!

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