Beauty Discussion: Jackie Aina'a Favorite Foundations for P.O.C + Diva Chronicles Brand Favorites

Happy Tuesday Morning!

Last night I watched a video by the very animated YouTube, Jackie Aina. She dished on her favorite foundations for people of color.  Being African American, the beauty world has only JUST NOW come up to speed with expanding their foundation ranges. Big wigs companies used to give the age old tired excuse that they don't have deeper makeup shades because women of color don't buy them. Or 8f they did, the two brown shades offered were red as clay. Well, we can't buy what isn't offered. After years of speaking out, brands from L'Oréal, Maybelline, Lance, and Hourglass now offer deep shades.

Jackie offers commentary on both high and low end foundations that will fit any budget. While I have my own catalog of Brand Favorites of several makeup brands for you to peruse though, it is impossible to try all the makeup under the sun. So without holding you up any further, get in Jackie's video below Let me know your thoughts.

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