Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brand Favorites: Black Radiance

1. True Complexion Soft Focus Finishing Powder


2. Artisan Color Baked Blush

3. Perfect Tone Lip Color Lipsticks


4. True Complexion Contour Palette

5. Perfect Tone Lip Gloss

6. Body Building Mascara

Honorable Mention: (When I tried it I loved it, I just did not repurchase as much as items listed above)

7. Color Perfect Liquid Foundation


Monday, January 30, 2017

Diva Talks Culture: What if it Were You?? My Thoughts on the Immigrant Ban of 7 Muslim Majority Countries

America is diverse. She's colorful. She has depth. She is filled with love. She is also filled with hate. Closeted hate and open hate. Powerful hate. Love and unity are hate's  biggest enemies for it thrives on exclusion. We as citizens cannot let that happen.  Society is being turned on it's head. Now is not the time to mind your business and stay out of it. What if it were you? Your parents, siblings, aunts or uncles? Would you be okay if I knew and could do something, but chose to do nothing? Use your talents to speak out. Use your platforms to right this wrong. Again, what if it were you?

Diva's Fashion Guide: Handbag 101

Diva's Fashion Guide is back and it's all about handbags! This accessory was my first love. Some have an affinity for shoes, others jewelry, but I love a good purse, or handbag, or pocketbook. See, there are so many names for these beautiful items we carry our essentials in on a daily basis. However, all aren't interchangeable. Man names are thrown around and it can get confusing. So, I'm here to break it all down for you. I'll explain the difference between the most common handbags. Grab a pen and paper and take notes!


Image result for goyard tote

Often rectangular in shape and taller in height equipped with thin straps. Totes are designed to carry more items. Coming in at all price points and colors, you can find a tote that fits your budget and lifestyle.



Satchels are similar to tote bags, but one distinguishing factor is that most satchels have tops handles along with a shoulder strap. Some designs offer "feet" at the bottom of the bag to protect the material from dirt and debris.


$Matt & Nat Mini Duffel Satchel - Bloomingdale's

Getting its name from its larger cousin, the duffel handbag resembles the larger duffel bag used for traveling. The are barrel shaped and often come equipped with top handles and shoulder straps.



Getting their name because you can "clutch" them with one hand, clutch purses are small and are offering for both casual and evening occasions. Clutches come in variations such as wristlets. These have a singular strap allowing you to let the purse hand from your wrist or wrap around it for added security. Envelope clutches are popular as well, getting their name from the mailing envelopes they resemble.


Image result for mansur gavriel

As you have probably noticed, most names come from the shape they resemble. This is no different with the bucket bag. Coming in large and small versions, these bags have a signature drawstring closure.

Coin Purse

MICHAEL Michael Kors Flowers Pouches Small Coin Purse
MICHAEL Michael Kors

Being only big enough to put a few coins in, coin purses have been around for generations.  Many older women still use them. They now come in trendy variations like the one shown above.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Latest in Tech News: Amazon to Launches Subscription Science and Technology Toy Service for Kids

That's right! For $19.99/mo. plus tax the consumer giant "will deliver a “hand selected” educational toy that will theoretically both entertain and educate a child in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math." 

The STEM Club Toy Subscription service breaks the toys in age groups of 3-4, 5-7, and 8-13 years old. This is another effort to help parents find more educational, yet entertaining toys for their children.

Get more information about Amazon STEM Club Toy Subscription service here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Beauty Discussion: Jackie Aina'a Favorite Foundations for P.O.C + Diva Chronicles Brand Favorites

Happy Tuesday Morning!

Last night I watched a video by the very animated YouTube, Jackie Aina. She dished on her favorite foundations for people of color.  Being African American, the beauty world has only JUST NOW come up to speed with expanding their foundation ranges. Big wigs companies used to give the age old tired excuse that they don't have deeper makeup shades because women of color don't buy them. Or 8f they did, the two brown shades offered were red as clay. Well, we can't buy what isn't offered. After years of speaking out, brands from L'Oréal, Maybelline, Lance, and Hourglass now offer deep shades.

Jackie offers commentary on both high and low end foundations that will fit any budget. While I have my own catalog of Brand Favorites of several makeup brands for you to peruse though, it is impossible to try all the makeup under the sun. So without holding you up any further, get in Jackie's video below Let me know your thoughts.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Cooking with Antoinette: Turkey Wontons with a Mexican Flare

Happy Friday!

So, my friend Antoinette sent over a recipe that she had tried and it looked so delicious that I just had to share. I've been wanting to showcase her confections on Diva Chronicles for a while now and glad I can share one of her recipes with you! I've had Chinese wontons before, but never any with a Mexican spin to them. The recipe is super easy and perfect for a Friday night.  Get into it below.

-Ground Turkey 
-Taco Seasoning
-Bell Pepper
-Cheese (of choice)
-Black beans

Cooking Instructions 
-Cook meat until brown
-Add chopped bell pepper and onion
-Add Taco Seasoning 

One the meat is done, fill the wonton wraps.

-Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes 

Then voila! Enjoy with salsa or a salad and wash down with a margarita!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mind Your Business and Drink Your Water: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

You guessed it, this post is all about that good ole H2O.  I refer to water as 'life juice." You need it for proper body functioning and you see the outward benefits in our hair, skin, and nails. I know, I know. You've been told to drink your water. You know you're supposed to drink water daily. However, how many of you actually drink your daily recommended 48-64 ounces?   

Image result for drink your water gif

Health Benefits

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), water regulates body temp, lubricates joints, protects your spinal cord, and helps get rid of bodily waste via urination, perspiration, and bowel movements. I mean, can I be real here? Being regular should be all you need to convince you to drink water. We're adults here, and regularity is really a thing.

Image result for drink water gif
The CDC also recommends plain drinking water as it has no calories and can also help regulate weight. I, however, rotate plain drinking water with flavored sparkling waters with low or no calories such as the ones by the brand Sparkling ICE with my lunch at work when I want a sweeter beverage.

When it comes to water, pH is also something that you should consider. Water should have a neutral to more alkaline pH (7-14) based on the pH scale. You may have your favorite brands, but you need to know how they measure on the pH scale. Here are a few brands with a neutral to more alkaline reading.
  • Evian
  • Eternal
  • Volvic
  • Zephyrhills
  • Fiji
  • Super Chill
  • Essentia
You can check the pH of the water you drink by using at home pH strips or by checking the brand's website is drinking bottled water. 

Note: Many viruses thrive in an acidic environment. Our bodies need to lean more alkaline.

Beauty Benefits

We all want that glow-from-within look. Because water flushes out the toxins from your body, it leaves you with more supple radiant looking skin. Brittle nails can be an indicator of lack of fluid intake. Upping your water consumption can lead to stronger and healthier nails. Water can also clear skin related flares and strengthen hair.

No go on, drink that water!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fashion Discussion: The Fashion Legacy First Lady Michelle Obama Leaves Behind

As the tenure of the current sitting president comes to an end, I think it only befitting to stroll down memory lane. First Lady Michelle Obama has been just as visible as her president husband for her initiatives as well as her style! It is no question that she has become a fashion icon over the past eight years. She will go down in the books along with Jackie O as the most fashionable first ladies. Mrs. O made it okay to repeat outfits and accessories. Also, she showed her love for affordable retailers such as Target, J.Crew, White House Black Market along with high-end designers such as Tracey Reese, Christian Siriano, Thom Browne and Jason Wu. The New York Times did a lovely piece on the First Lady's 50 most memorable fashion moments. Of course, I plucked out my faves as well from the last eight years. Check them out below.

Inauguration Parades and Balls

 Designer: Isabel Toledo

Designer: Thom Browne

Designer: Jason Wu

Designer: Jason Wu

Monday, January 16, 2017

Show Preview: Versace Menswear Autumn 2017

The latest from Versace's Menswear collection hit the net and it is definitely one to take a look at. From expertly tailored suits, elevated athleisure ensembles complimented by wines, reds, and bold patterns all grounded by neutrals. Check out the collection below.

Diva Cover Stories: Janelle Monae for Cosmopolitan, February 2017

One of my favorite singers, Janelle Monae, has been showing off her acting skills as she starred in not one, but two hit movies, Moonlight and Hidden Figures. Being that the Hidden Figures movie was set  during America's race to space in the 1960's, it was only fitting that her photos hoot was taken place at NASA! If you're a Janelle Monae fan like me, this spread also fits in with her alter robotic ego Cindy Mayweather. Check out the pics below!

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Brand Favorite: Maybeline

New year, new Brand Favorites! This series has made me realize just HOW MUCH makeup I have tried. As always, products I list are the ones that I stand by and recommend. They are tired and true, therefore I am sharing with you! To check out my favorites from brands other than Maybelline, click here. There are many more brand favorites to come! Meanwhile, check out my faves from Maybelline! 

1. Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer

Image result for Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer

2. EYESTUDIO Master Graphic Liquid Marker Liner

Image result for EYESTUDIO Master Graphic Liquid Marker Liner

3. Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

Image result for Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid

4.  Color Sensational Lip Color

Image result for Color Sensational Lip Color

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Diva Cover Stories: Beyonce Interviews Solange for Interview Magazine

My cousin in my head, Solange, was interviewed by my other cousin in my head and her big sister, Beyonce, for Interview Magazine. The two sisters chatted about parent-teacher conferences, growing up in Houston, and Solange's latest album, A Seat at the Table. Read the interview and check out the editorial spread below.

  photo 3ad32b46-7232-455a-b0e2-a99772fb1cae_zpsutrxcobv.jpeg
Why she had to have her sis interview her...

"After interviewing my mother and father for A Seat At The Table, it feels like full circle to have chosen my sister to interview me for Interview Magazine. It is one of my favorite talks to date."


 photo 17e10eef-0014-4ae1-8cc5-d8393499ba42_zps4kumuvis.jpeg

The duo talked mom life...

BEYONCÉ: Are you exhausted? I know you had a parent-teacher conference ...
SOLANGE: Yeah, I actually had to fly to Philly because there were no flights left to New York. And now I'm driving from Philly to New York. Well, I'm not driving, but ...
BEYONCÉ: You have to drive? From Philly?
SOLANGE: Yeah. But it's not bad. It's only an hour and 40 minutes.
And their sister-sister relationship...

 photo 7e4c6128-05da-4152-86c1-78c623e62708_zpsvpf3jptt.jpeg

BEYONCÉ: And, honestly, growing up, how did I do as a big sister?
SOLANGE: You did a kickass job. You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever. In the 30 years that we've been together, I think we've only really, like, butted heads ... we can count on one hand.
BEYONCÉ: I remember thinking, "My little sister is going to be something super special," because you always seemed to know what you wanted. And I'm just curious, where did that come from?
SOLANGE: I guess a part of that was being the baby of the family and being adamant that, in a house of five, my voice was being heard. Another part is that I remember being really young and having this voice inside that told me to trust my gut.
BEYONCÉ: One of my proudest moments as a sister was when I was able to introduce you to your hero, Nas, and you cried and acted a fool. I was so surprised that Mrs. Too-cool-for-everything was acting a fool.

A Seat at the Table (ASATT)....

 photo 67c66595-8b72-43eb-a188-698abd91ca2b_zpsgf5b6iwt.jpeg

Solange on the overwhelming response to ASATT:
"...I just feel so much joy and gratitude that people have connected to it in this way. The biggest reward that I could ever get is seeing women, especially black women, talk about what this album has done, the solace it has given them." 

The Early Days....
 photo 3eadb914-93e7-4b9d-a153-d19cd6959c34_zpseiuukmuz.jpeg
Solange on her and Beyoncé's childhood in Houston:
"I remember reading or hearing things about Master P that reminded me so much of Dad growing up. And they also have an incredible amount of love and respect for one another. And I wanted a voice throughout the record that represented empowerment and independence, the voice of someone who never gave in, even when it was easy to lose sight of everything that he built, someone invested in black people, invested in our community and our storytelling, in empowering his people. You and I were raised being told not to take the first thing that came our way, to build our own platforms, our own spaces, if they weren't available to us."
Solange on what she learned from her sister:
"Getting to be in control of your own narrative. And, at this point, it should be an expectation, not something that you're asking permission for."

Article Credit: Interview MagazineThe YBF

Monday, January 9, 2017

Diva's Life Weekend Recap: Hidden Figures, My Favorite Appetizer, New Nail Polish, & More!

Happy Monday DC Fam!

This past weekend was the first in a couple of months that I had completely free to just relax and do what I wanted. It also happened to be opening weekend for Hidden Figures, and I definitely wasn't going to miss it! Check out what else I did this weekend.


I know I usually post Restaurant Reviews on locally owned establishments, but Longhorn Steakhouse's Wild West Shrimp appetizer is one of my favorites! I love seafood and a little kick added to my dishes. The shrimp is seasoned to perfection and topped with spicy cherry peppers. I washed it down with a white peach sangria which is also a must try.


I was a S.T.E.M. major in college, and this movie made me fall in love with it all over again. Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Mary Jackson  (Janelle Monae), and Dorothy Vaughn  (Octavia Spencer) delivered knock out performances in the movie portraying the women who had a direct hand in NASA'S race to space. What's ironic is I have heard of these women before, but really never knew of the work they've done. They dealt with racism, sexism (women were not allowed in the very meetings where their calculations were discussed), and classism even at NASA! That didn't stop them from becoming West Virginia's State University and NASA's first aeronautical engineer (Mary Jackson), NASA'S first African American supervisor (Dorothy Vaughn), and NASA'S most trusted person with numbers  (Katherine G. Jackson). This is a family movie. Especially take your young girls. This is one I'll pay to see again and will purchase on DVD.


I don't own rainboots per se, just boots that can withstand the rain. I pulled out my Betsey Johnson platform ankle boots for a wet and chilly and night on the town. I scored them at a second time around store called Clothes Mentor. They were in great condition. I wore them for the first time in New Orleans last year for Mardi Gras.

 They're cute, but these boots aren't made for walking.


I forged my usual full set and opted to polish my own nails in an effort to save money and divert that money into Diva's Marketplace. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and had one O.P.I. and Fingerprints polish in my hands when I spotted the Bitzy Nail Color display by the register. I decided to give this bold purple, called Estastic a go. This is how it turned out (See nail preview above)! I'm impressed for the $1.67 price tag. I'll be getting more colors for review.

Have great weeks everyone!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Entertainment News: Beyonce Announced as Headliner for Coachella 2017!!

Now that I've got your attention. Yes, you read that correctly. 

News dropped today that Queen Bey will be headlining the acts for Coachella 2017. If you plan on hitting up the annual music festival, Beyonce will be taking the stage on April 15 & 22, 2017. Other artists slated to perform are Kendrick Lamar and Radio Head.

Get ticket prices and I event details on Coachella's website.

Image Credit:Glamour Magazine

Monday, January 2, 2017

DIVA FOTD: A Little Christmas Day Sparkle

We are officially in 2017! Am I the only one who is still recuperating from all the holiday festivities? I'm still getting in the swing of things, so I thought I give the deets on the makeup look I rocked on Christmas Day. I kept it simple because I knew I wasn't going anywhere, just chilled with  family. I threw in a glittery eye just in case some wanted to take pictures.


Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer
Black Opal Flawless Perfecting Concealer- Beautiful Bronze
Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation- Mahogany 
Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder-Milk Chocolate 


Gold Glitter Shadow from Textured Taupe Sonia Kashuk Quad (Lids)
Friendly from The Balm Matte Dude Palette (Crease)
Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Marker (Eye Liner)
Black Radiance Body Building Mascara 

Cheeks & Lips:

Black Radiance Warm Berry Blush
MAC Touch Lipstick 


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