Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Diva FOTD: Neutral Day Look Using Makeup Shayla x Maybelline City Mini Palette

I'm  a tad late, but I finally managed to make the time to hunt down the Makeup Shayla x Maybelline City Mini palatte. The small compact makes travelling with it ever so easy. Throw it in your cosmetics case or even your clutch. It's just that small. I'm definitely taking it with me on my work trip next month.  While there are purples and a black in the palette, I chose the warm gold and brown shades for a easy and neutral work day look.

What I love about this products is that there both warm and cool gold shades are included. 

Lid: Gold (bottom left)
Crease: Brown (bottom, second to left)
Crease: Black (bottom right)
Hightlight: Light Beige (top left)

First Impressions: The eyeshadows were pigmented and soft. They were easy to blend and I experienced no fall out. I applied the shimmery lid shade little by little to avoid getting it on my face. I worked a full day and dis not experience creasing or fading. This was a very good quality drugstore palette. Because of my experience with this one, I'm thinking about getting the Urban Jungle City Mini.

Other Face Products Used:

Black Radiance Soft Focus Powder in Milk Chocolate 
Becca Radiant Skin Foundation in Mahogany 
Black Radiance Blush in Raspberry
Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic Marker Pen
Black Radiance Body Builder Mascara

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Latest in Beauty News: Maybelline Color Correting Pens

We all want that flawless skin look, but who wants to use a cabinet full of products to camouflage? Well, Maybelline has got us covered!

Behold Maybelline's new Master Camo color correcting pens. They come in six colors: green, purple, pink, yellow, apricot, and red. Keep reading to see how you use each color in your beautu routine.

  • Green neutralizes redness (blemishes, acne, scars)
  • Purple neutralizes yellow (sallowness)
  • Pink and yellow brightens dullness (dark spots, age spots)
  • Apricot and red neutralize blues and greens (dark under-eye circles)

Get them wherever Maybelline products are sold.

Credit: People Magazine

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Collection Preview, The Latest in Fashion News: Cari Bybel x Miss Guided

YouTube beauty and fashion sensation, Carli Bybel has announced her latest collab with Miss Guided. She stated her fall collection will be split into two release dates due to the collection size. Check out her video where she gives the deets on fabrics, price points, and size range.

Some of My Faves: 

1. Embellished Denim Jacket
2.  Navy Lace Two Piece Set
3. Pink, Green, and Navy Silk Cargo Pants 
4. Nude Shimmer Corset
5. Silk Pink Trench Coat 
6. Pink Robe Style Dress
7. Navy Lace Trimmed Dress
8. Plum Two Piece Sweat Set
9. Shimmer and Black Satin Booties
10. Coiled Ankle Sandals

The first half of the collection will be available October 17, 2017. See anything you like??

Video Credit: Carli Bybel

Monday, October 9, 2017

Collection Preview, The Latest in Fashion News: Tracee Ellis Ross x J.C. Penny Holiday Collection 2017

So Trace Ellis Ross gave her followers a sneak peak of her upcoming holiday collection with J.C. Penny. She said the size range will be from S-3X and prices range from $9-75! Save your coins girls, the collection drops November 12! I have my eye on that sequined dress and that power suit! See anything you like??

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Latest in Beauty News:Future Proof Your Skincare Routine with Innovative DNA Testing

What if I told you that there was a way to specify your skincare bases on your genetic predisposition for certain skin issues instead if being reactionary and treating them as they occur? Well there are a few home DNA tests that aim to do just that. Their goal is to predict the future of your skin so you can treat it NOW! Read more from the article published in GCI Magazine below.

Brands like Home DNA and Geneu supply consumers with DNA tests for a better understanding of the consumer’s 
skin care needs even before issues occur—an individual doesn’t have to show signs of aging for the test to recognize a predispo­sition to wrinkles or collagen loss. 
Our recommen­dations point consumers in the right direction because there are so many skin care options that the choices often become overwhel­ming,” said Connie Hallquist, president and CEO of DNA Diagnostics Center, producers of HomeDNA Skin Care. “Finally, consumers have tailored recommen­dations to help achieve better skin care results.”

How It Works

Once users have sent in their DNA samples, a skin care analysis and report is generated based on key genetic markers. These findings are translated into a report that is divided into seven categories:
Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Glucose-related fine lines and wrinkles, including anti-wrinkle promotion and wrinkle formation factors.
Sun Protection: Gene variations that can weaken the skin’s natural protection against the sun.
Skin Sensitivity: Four genes that regulate the body’s inflammatory response and one gene related to pollution and fragrance sensitivity.
Skin Elasticity: Quality of collagen structure that supports the skin and tests for collagen depreciation.
Pigmentation: Two genes can affect an individual’s tanning response, including a predispo­sition to burning and sun spots, as well as the “freckle factor” gene that influences the production of melanin.
Collagen Quality: Four genes are tested for collagen fiber formation, collagen repair (including skin barrier protection), and collagen breakdown, which determines how well a person’s body forms and remodels collagen.
Skin Antioxidants: Checks five genes associated with protecting the skin against free-radical damage, including free-radical scavengers that protect the skin from oxidative damage as well as pollution protection.

In addition to assessing an individual’s risk factor based on their gene profile, the analysis also provides recommen­dations for topical, supplemental and professional treatments if his or her score indicated non-ideal findings.
“Over the last five years, personal genetic testing has moved to a point where it can help consumers make meaningful choices in how they care for themselves,” said Hallquist. “We recognized the opportunity to offer a skin-based DNA test that provides actionable recommen­dations to improve personal skin care; it is predicated on academic research that specific genes can influence skin health."

Read the rest of the article here.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Latest In Beauty News: Fenty Beauty Holiday 2017 Sneak Peek

Even though the masses are still clamoring over the debut of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna and Co.  dropped another bomb on us yesterday: Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection! We weren't ready. Nope. No one was expecting a holiday release on the heels of such a huge collection. Maybe next year, but not just a week or so later. Trust me when I tell you, the girls are here for it!

I was wondering if Rihanna was going to add lipstick to her lineup and it seems they will be making their appearance in her holiday set. They will be sold alongside what appears to be the finest felt tip eyeliner, lip glosses, and of course an eyeshadow palette. The collection will be available Oct 13, 2017

Image CreditFenty Beauty

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Diva Info: Designer Jennifer Le is Coming to Atlanta, GA!

Indie designer, Jennifer Le, has been springing up pop up shops in her native Cananda and in the States. This time, she's bringing her shoes and furs down south to share with her southern fans. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by! Mark your calenders for September 30, 2017.

Diva Cover Stories: Duckie Thot for Paper Magazine, Fall 2017

I was first introduced to Duckie via her sister Nikki and her husband Jamie's vlogs on YouTube. She was a budding model then. She used to jet across the globe from her native Australia for work. Finally, she said she was going to take a leap and head to the Big Apple and take the modeling industry head on. Well, almost a year later she has covered the glossy pages of magazines, appeared in multiple fashion shows, and was a face featured in Rihanna's Fenty Beauty campaign. It's so great to see how far she's come.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Latest in Beauty News: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Dropped Today and Here Is How She Compares to the Competition

The Bad Gal Rihanna's long awaited makeup range dropped TODAY! She is coming for the girls honey. With a wide range of foundation colors that rivals established brands, to highlighters, contour sticks, glosses, and even tools, Riri came to show out.

The pacakaging is simple yet chic with hexagonal shaped compacts and tube tops complimented by blush pink exteriors. It's feminine with an edge, just like Rihanna.

Price ranges for Rihanna's @fentybeauty line are from $18-34 for single makeup items, $54+ for sets, and $10-34 for tools. This puts her directly in the middle of department competition. Makeup counters look out. Her foundation is $32, which was about what I was expecting. It is still less than Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, Nars or Kat Von D foundations.

Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation 

Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer

Match Stix

Killawatt Highlighter

Get your shop on at Fenty

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Latest in Fashion News: Sophia Webster x Puma

Sophia Webster, the designer known for her colorful trademark flamingo and butterfly motifs on her footwear, is the latest designer to collab with Puma. The collection includes embroidered body suits, butterfly adorned high and low tops and colorful separates. Check out pieces from her latest venture below.

“Partnering with Puma has been fantastic as they allowed me full creative control of all the entire collection of footwear and apparel,” Webster told British Vogue in a recent interview. “So, for me it was my first opportunity to design ready-to-wear and think of how my aesthetic would translate into womenswear. I have loved the challenge.”


“Partnering with Puma has been fantastic as they allowed me full creative control of all the entire collection of footwear and apparel,” Webster told British Vogue in a recent interview. “So, for me it was my first opportunity to design ready-to-wear and think of how my aesthetic would translate into womenswear. I have loved the challenge.”


Credit: British Vogue


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