Fashion Discussion: Liberian Model, Deddah Howard Creates Black Mirror Photo Series to Take A Stand Against Diversity Issues in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has a storied history of using homogeneous models in ad campaigns, runway shows, and on magazine covers. Caucasian models have been mad up in black face as opposed to tlan agency simply hiring an African woman to do the job. Deddah Howard, a model from Liberia was tired of being rejected for jobs and being told "We already have a black model."  This form of tokenism is also problematic (another post for another day). To bring light to diversity issues in the industry, Deddah created the Black Mirror photo series with photographer Raphael Dickreuter. She posed alongside major ad campaigns featuring white models. She's showing that the photos can be just as beautiful centered around a woman of color.  Her mission, according to ger website is for more women of color across all races to be given a fair shot in fashion without the bias. Check out some of her photos below.

Check out the rest of the photos on Deddah's site Secret of DD.

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