Diva's Life: Planning Out My New Year with My Hustle Journal + Journaling and Planning Tips I Have Developed So Far

When I moved back home this summer, I found a bunch of my old notebooks and planner from my senior year in college. I had a lot going on. I was the president of my college's Habitat for Humanity chapter, I was preparing to graduate, taking graduation exit exams, finishing up my final projects, and everything else in between. One thing I noticed is that I wrote EVERYTHING down in my planner. There were also Post-It notes reminders all over the pages. I realized that I stopping planning like I used to do. Writing tasks down, and holding myself accountable to make sure I completed them. I got lazy when there were no grades involved. Sure, I keep up with bills and minor to do lists. But I have not been planning and following through on my goals like I should have. I was supposed to be selling you body products by now. You see I have yet to release one butter, balm, toner, or tonic (See what I did there? Preview.). Well, I plan on kicking things up a notch as a finish out 2016 and head into 2017.

Both the planning and journaling communities are very big from what I found on the internet. I already have a personal journal and am still undecided if I want to merge the two as I head into next year. I have perused YouTube for some inspiration and found a few that have helped me this far. I thought I wanted to go with the bullet journaling route, but do not know if I can commit to that system. However, I do like the idea, so may pull some things out that work for me. Don't get me started on all those themed planning stickers packets and Washi tape. Pretty to look at, creative, and I applaud those who use and sell them, but umm, I will not be devoting time to that. I may use a sticker here and there, but not a full spread (I feel I may be talking too soon though lol). Here are some tips for you (and myself) that I have developed as I dive deep into planning and executing.

1. Develop Your Own System

I did find that I liked the idea of a monthly "spread" and following up with "daily's." I plan to incorporate that into my own planner/journal. So far I have:

  • 2017 Goals Page
  • Monthly Spread
  • Daily's
  • Finances
  • Monthly Goals (Personal and Business)
  • Accomplishments (at the end of each month)

2. This or That? I Pick Both?

I also noticed the debate of whether the book being shared is a planner or journal. Myleik's Hustle Journal is marketed as just that, a journal. There is no calendar, just lined paper. However, I have drawn my own planner onto the pages, so I guess I am merging the two. I wanted to use it more than just to do lists. I also wanted to move away from just depending on my Google calendar and start back physically writing things down more.

3. Create A Key

I color coordinated tasks and events in my Google calendar, and that has helped tremendously. I wanted to bring that system over to my planner/journal. I bought some inexpensive colored pens to use for different categories. My key is as follows:
  • Black: Regular tasks
  • Green: Finances
  • Hot Pink: Blog
  • Bright Orange (no red): Urgent matters
  • Purple: General reminders
4. Evolve As You Go

I just started and have already changed my weekly layout, and plan to make changes in the future. Create a layout based on your needs and your schedule.

I will be doing updated planning posts periodically once I have developed my process. Do you have any tips or resources for me? Be sure to share!

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