Diva's Life: My Top 5 Ways to Unwind

So basically after Halloween wraps up, we jump straight into the holiday season. This means more hours on the job, more traveling, more shopping, less sleep, and everything in between. The weather is acting crazy and it all can take a toll on you. As for me, I started a new job at the height of holiday season and went straight into that one from my old one with no breaks in between.  I cancelled everything I had planned for today as my weekend was full of work and travel.  My day of relaxation inspired me to share with you all how I unwind and stay above the fray.  

1. Hot Bubble Bath by Candlelight 

I like my bath water as hot as I can take it and usually illuminate the room with just enough camdlelight to see. In the past few months, I have found it to be very beneficial to just sit in darkness (I'm actually writing this post sans light). I usually catch up on my favorite podcasts while I soak.

2. Burn Incense 

I've been burning incense for a little over a year now. The smells that fill my space are very calming, especially if my energy if off on a particular day. I usually journal or read while it burns. My favorite scents are sandalwood, vanilla, black cherry, and nag champa.

3. Create

Sometimes I just want to keep my mind and hands busy. Most of my DIY projects are a result of this practice.

4. Escape

Always the avid reader, I love escaping into new worlds so unlike my own, I forget about the stresses if my own reality. Even if it is just for an hour or so at a time.

5. Write It Out

I've always kept a journal, even as a little girl. As an adult, I've learned that you can't always speak out of emotion when you aren't thinking clearly . You'll regret it later. I tell it to the pages of my journal. I vent, rejoice, cuss someone out all on paper. Then I leave it. I actually feel better afterwards. Sometimes you just have to get whatever you're "out" and place it somewhere else.

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