Diva Chronicles Year in Review: 2016 Tried to Take Me Out, But I Made It!

It's that time again folks. The time where we reflect on all of our ups and downs from the past 365 days. I'm thankful to have made it with my life, health, and strength. I wanted to recap a few of my favorite and most personal posts from 2016. Also what I'm working for 2017! Leggo!

1. Traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

While my January 2016 was pretty uneventful,  I kicked it up a notch by heading down to New Orleans, LA for Mardi Gras for a friend's birthday. The food, the culture, and the excitement made it a trip to remember! I'll definitely be back. Maybe to cover the Essence Music Festival. Hmmm.

2. I Got in Formation and With Beyonce on the Formation Tour!

Funny story: while we were in New Orleans, Beyonce dropped Formation out of nowhere. We were literally chillin', then boom(!)...Formation. Obviously, this was calculated as she was performing at the half town show that weekend for the Super Bowl. We literally were rushing back to the hotel room to watch her performance  (we were all stans). Then we realized we weren't going to make it. I can't tell you which side of New Orleans we were on, but it wasn't near Canal Street. So we popped into a bar then got kicked out because the owner thought we were just some party goers, even though we sat at the bar and was getting ready to buy drinks. He was rude and slick racist but that isn't the point. We ended up befriending some sketchy people on a Winnebago equipped with a flat screen to watch the half time show. We played nice long enough to watch and then we dipped! We later concluded they were a traveling band of prostitutes that sold marijuana lollipops.

Fast forward to May 1, 2016, and I was at the GA Dome with my cousin and friends singing with Bey until I was hoarse and my ears were ringing. There was this couple in front of us that kept buying us beers when they bought themselves another, and every time one of the girlfriends (they were lesbians) opened a new cold one she said "Cheers to Beyonce!" LOL. Fun times.

3. I Moved Back Home

I was in desperate need of a change. About a month later, I announced that I was moving back to my hometown. My transition has been FAR from smooth, but things are looking up. Currently drafting a post filling you in on the details now. Will hit the blog soon!

4.  My Most Read Post of 2016

5. The Diva's Marketplace Announcement 

For as long as I could remember, I wanted my own boutique. What I wanted to sell in it changed over the years and now I know what it is. I have my list and categories and what products will fall under each. You will have to be patient with me through this journey to see what they are, but for now, it will be body and beauty products. I want the Marketplace to have an intimate and more personal feel so I will be producing and releasing small batches of products. It is coming along slowly but surely. I want to fund as much as I can myself in the infant stages of the company, then branch out from there. I found some INEXPENSIVE jars, so look out for new products in 2017!

What's Next??

New Blog Design

I have been contemplating a new blog design for the past year. I like the aesthetics of the current template, but it seems I received more interaction and collaborations with the traditional blog layout. Of course, it will have the Diva's touch. I have even contemplated changing platforms altogether. I have a close friend that is good with graphicsStay tuned to see what I decide!

New Resume Website

I want to branch out and do more freelance writing and projects outside of Diva Chronicles to add to my skill set. Therefore, I plan to launch my own website displaying my work. Paper resumes are good and all, but when someone Googles you, make what they find intentional.

Diva's Marketplace

As I stated before, I am working on my baby. I can get so caught up in wanting things to be just right that I forget that you have to evolve as you go. So, I'm starting small and simple and having the open mind to make changes throughout the journey. Look out for 1-3 products being launched in 2017!

Passion for Fashion!

Tomorrow, I will officially assume a leadership position at a major retailer. I'm diving in head first in the fashion and beauty industry. I'm being a sponge and learning as much as I can and making my own rules as I go because there is no one way to a destination. This is a new challenge that I am willing to accept and learn and grow from. I hope to aspire other young men and women who want to enter this field.

More Travelling!

In the midst of life knocking me left and right, I let my passport expire. I know! Shame on me. First things first for the new year is rejoining the passport gang and hopping on some planes!

Lastly, THANK YOU!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to the readers, the commenters, the sharers, the pinners,  and the likers.  I am grateful that I get to share my creativity with the world in my little corner of the internet. With the advances of modern technology, I know my words are being read in Canada, France, Germany, Ukraine (!), Russia, Portugal, and many more places across the globe. I promise to keep the content coming in 2017. It can only get better from here!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Diva Chronicles Fam! See You next year!!

Joslyn the Diva

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