The Latest In Fashion News: Marjorie Harvey Released a Handbag Collection and I'm Geeked About It!

Listen. Listen, Linda. Listen. Every fashion girl has their "thing."  By "thing," I mean a small part of fashion that they cling to the most. For some, it's shoes. Others, jewelry. As for me? Handbags! Sure, I have my fair share of clothes, shoes, and jewelry, but handbags always held a special place in my heart, even as a little girl. So when I saw a picture on Instagram of fashionista extraordinaire debuting her clutch/muff, I thought "Really cute. Good for her because starting a line ain't easy. Let me see the color options"  Then I saw the collection, and my jaw dropped. My reaction may read dramatic, but I urge you to return to the part where I divulged I was a purse girl. Okay, let's get into the collection so you can be just as geeked as I am!

Trendsetter (My fave!)

Description: We’re excited to present you this capsule collection of couture-inspired handbags at an affordable price point.

21010A (1)
Everywhere Shoulder Bag

Mosaic Clutch (Another fave)

Miss Kitty Clutch (I mean, it's leopard, of course I would love it!)

Wild Side Envelope Crossbody

Prices start at $18 and go up to $300. These were just some of my faves. Head to The Lady Loves Couture to view the entire collection. Congrats Marjorie and your team!

Image Source: The Lady Loves Couture

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